The Best Summer Kombucha Recipe!

The Best Summer Kombucha Recipe | Grilled Peach Kombucha Ice Cream Float |

We officially have the BEST kombucha recipe for y’all, and it involves grilled peaches and an ice cream float!

 Summer is almost here, and there isn’t a greater sign that of summer’s arrival than the beginning of Texas peach season.  

Not only are peaches delicious all season long, we love using them in recipes, from our favorite peach, tomato and burrata salad to healthy desserts (because summer bods!).  

What’s also extremely special about this peach season is the fact that Gavin’s kombucha company, Greenbelt Craft Kombucha, is on the shelves all over Texas and one of their number top selling kombuchas is their peach white tea kombucha.

The Best Summer Kombucha Recipe | Grilled Peach Kombucha Ice Cream Float |

With it starting to get super hot in Austin we’ve been craving old fashioned ice cream floats, but we’ve on a major health and wellness kick since we’ve gotten our Proform studio bike.  

Luckily for us, we saw the first batch of fresh Texas peaches pop-up at the grocery, and we instantly knew that we had to “cheat” with a healthy dessert.

This dessert was inspired by a Food 52 social post where they made a kombucha float, and we wanted to kick it up a notch.  

This was a perfect middle ground between our diet and junk food cravings, and we got to use Greenbelt Kombucha’s delicious Peach Blossom White Tea Kombucha.

The Best Summer Kombucha Recipe | Grilled Peach Kombucha Ice Cream Float |

Grilled Peach Kombucha Float


Makes 1 kombucha float

  • 1 can of Greenbelt Kombucha’s Peach Blossom White Tea

  • 1-2 scoops of your favorite vanilla ice cream.  We loved using Nadamoo’s vegan vanilla coconut ice cream!

  • ½ of a grilled peach, sliced

  • Mint, for garnish

For this recipe, start by turning your grill on high heat.

Slice your peaches in half and remove the pit.

When your grill is above 400 degrees add your fresh peach halves to the grill until they get a good grill mark and start crystallizing the fruit sugars.  Once your peaches are grilled, the rest is easy!

To assemble, pour half of your cold, Greenbelt can in a glass to establish a base, and then plop in 1-2 scoops of your favorite vanilla ice cream. Next, add a few pieces of sliced grilled peaches and finish by topping your float with some more kombucha.  

Now all that’s required is a hammock or a porch chair. Sit, relax, and enjoy your kombucha float bliss.

To learn more about Gavin’s Greenbelt Kombucha and where to find it, clink the link below.  Also, if it’s not yet at a store near you be sure to ask your local grocer to start carrying it.

Find Greenbelt Kombucha near you: Thanks for the support, everyone!

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