In-N-Out Secret Menu

In N Out Burger Secret Menu Tips & Tricks |

Is it In-And-Out or In-N-Out?!

Even though people say “In And Out”, this booming burger chain is actually called “In-N-Out”. No matter what you call it, their food is as ICONIC as it is delicious. The menu is relatively small, but once you learn the ins-n-outs (heehee) of the secret menu, you’ll have a lot more options to choose from, and you’ll sound super cool when ordering with friends.

In-N-Out has been in Austin for a few years now, but Gavin grew up in California and therefore grew up on In-N-Out and their not so secret menu.  Karen was much less familiar with In-N-Out. In fact, the first time Karen ordered while visiting California on a business trip, she didn’t realize how simple their menu was and tried to order a salad (which they don’t have, and caused a bit of a giggle from the cashier). She shrugged it off and devoured her cheeseburger, which obviously was 10x tastier than a salad. In-N-Out is easily one of the best burgers in the country at its affordable price point in terms of quality and freshness, even though their menu and burgers are extremely simple.  But, with that being said, there are a TON of In-N-Out secret menu items and ordering variations, and we’re here to tell you what secret items are the tastiest and what their “code words” mean.

In N Out Burger Secret Menu Tips & Tricks |

In-N-Out may not have been the first to create the secret menu, but they may have the most famous secret menu in the US. It is a fame that’s only growing as they slowly expand throughout the country. There are In-N-Out locations in California, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, Oregon, and Utah. We’re sure it’s only a matter of time until they reach even more states. Without further adieu, here is the low-down on In-N-Out’s Secret Menu.

In N Out Burger Secret Menu Tips & Tricks |

In-N-Out Mustard Grilled Burgers

A really tasty variation from their standard burger patty. They’ll cook the burger with mustard which enhances the flavor and gives it a nice char and texture.

What is Animal Style?

In -N-Out Animal style is one of the most common secret menu ordering methods. This secret menu item is a mustard grilled burger, with extra pickles, spread, and grilled onions.

Animal Style Fries

A heap of french fries with special sauce, grilled onions and melted cheese. How could you go wrong? You can also request your french fries to be covered in only cheese, if you so desire.

In-N-Out 3x3 Burger

A great option if you’re realllly hungry. It is a triple, triple burger comprised of three beef patties paired with three slices of melted cheese.

In-N-Out 4x4 Burger

You guessed it, FOUR In-N-Out Burger patties with four slices of cheese. A carnivore’s dream.

In N Out Burger Secret Menu Tips & Tricks |

In-N-Out Protein Style

An In-N-Out gluten-free burger option. Surprisingly even with a 3X3 cheeseburger if it’s lettuce wrapped, you don’t finish it feeling super heavy. Their lettuce is always crisp and fresh.

Flying Dutchman

A gluten-free option for someone who hates vegetables! Seriously though, the Flying Dutchman is two beef patties sandwiched around two slices of cheese. No veggies, no sauce, just packed with protein!

In-N-Out Grilled Cheese

This is a vegetarian option at In-N-Out. The grilled cheese sandwich uses their baked hamburger buns around melted cheese. Get it with or without tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and special sauce. It’s basically a cheeseburger without the beef patty.

In N Out Burger Secret Menu Tips & Tricks |

Other In-N-Out Secret Menu Burger Options

Onions - You can get them chopped or sliced, and have them raw or grilled. You can also opt for a whole slice, grilled.

Peppers – If you want to spice things up, look no further and ask for their spicy peppers on the side or have them chop them up and put them on the burger.

Special Sauce - By request, you can get In-N-Out's famous special sauce in packet form. It is perfect for dunking your french fries! We usually always ask for extra to take home too.

Cold Cheese - Yes, you can request your cheese to be unmelted. Not sure why you'd want to do that, but the option is there if you desire.

In N Out Burger Secret Menu Tips & Tricks |

In-N-Out Secret Menu Sides

Neapolitan Shake – Their strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate shakes all in one cup. You can also request half-and-half of any of their shake flavors.

Root Beer Float - Another great milkshake variation. It is half vanilla milkshake and half root beer.

Extra Crispy "Well Done" Fries – The biggest complaint we hear is that their fries end up getting limp 5 minutes after you order them, but you can ask them to cook your french fry order “extra crispy”. It’s a major game changer. On the flip side, you can get your fries "light" aka undercooked, limp and greasy if you're into that kind of thing.

In N Out Burger Secret Menu Tips & Tricks |

Now you should be empowered to crack the secret menu at In-N-Out. With all of this being said, our In-N-Out go-to orders are the protein style mustard grilled cheeseburger with extra pickles and grilled onions. We also get french fries cooked extra crispy with melted cheese on top. Always get extra special sauce for the fries (plus some to take home). Plus, Gavin can’t resist their classic chocolate shake.

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